Release Notes

Jamecs Modular Web Platform, Jetty bundled release
Version 0.10


Copyright (c)2005 Roscopeco Open Technologies & Contributors. 
Licenced as FREE SOFTWARE under the terms of the Apache Software Licence, 2.0
See LICENCE.txt file or for more 
information and full terms and conditions of use.

+ Introduction
+ Installation
+ Running Jamecs
+ Configuration 
+ Troubleshooting
+ Now what?
+ Contact information


  Welcome to Jamecs, and the world of Moxy-based modular web development! Jamecs
  is an advanced Web Application Server for the Java platform, based on the 
  Janno modular web core, Moxy module framework, and the award-winning Jetty
  Servlet container (
  Janno is an advanced Web Application Platform that provides the
  foundation for high-quality, cutting edge web-based software systems based on 
  the Java(tm) Servlets specification. Janno is the second iteration of the 
  Jamecs core, and represents a ground up redesign / rewrite with a more 
  explicit IoC design, looser coupling to the eventual goals of Jamecs, and a
  more sophisticated architecture based on the elegant functional simplicity
  allowed by constructor-based dependency injection.  
  Jamecs builds on this foundation, integrating Janno in a standard 
  configuration, bundling all dependencies, and placing everything within the
  confines of a leading, mature web server platform, with the aim of providing
  an easily-installed, ready to use version of Jamecs. The difference between
  the two is simple - Janno is a solution for developers wishing to build
  modular web applications, while Jamecs is a full integrated modular web server
  for the Java platform.


  + Unpack the tarball / zip to a directory of your choosing.
  + Set the environment variable 'JAMECS_HOME' to point there.
    (Alternatively let it guess).
  + Next! 


  The first time you run Jamecs, you are advised to use the 'run' option to
      ./ run
  This will cause all logging output to be sent to your terminal, allowing you
  to see what's happening. You should see quite a bit of output as various 
  things start up, at the end of which you should see a message similar to
  'server started'.
  NOTE: There is currently a known issue with Moxy Persistence and Hibernate
  reflection optimization, so do not be alarmed if you see multiple (long) 
  exception traces during startup. This problem impacts Hibernate performance
  more than functionality, and is high on the fix list.


  Win32 launch support is provided by the java wrapper provided by Tanuki 
  Software (see below, and This allows
  both standard 'exe' based launching and operation as a Win32 service.
  Before you run the wrapper for the first time, you will need to edit the
  wrapper.conf file and set the location of your 'java'[.exe?] binary:
  The standard Jamecs bundle configuration closely mirrors the standard Jetty
  configuration in this area, meaning that no other changes should be needed.
  To run Jetty on the console, use 
     Wrapper.exe -c wrapper.conf
  To install Jetty as a win32 service:
     Wrapper.exe -i wrapper.conf
  To remove the Jetty service
     Wrapper.exe -r wrapper.conf
  Please note that this is provided as a convienience for Windows users - we 
  are unfortunately entirely unable to provide support or assistance with it
  directly, as we do not run any Windows machines ourselves. We would be
  interested to hear any reports about the setup, and will of course fix (or
  accept fixes for) any bugs in the configuration, but technical support for 
  the wrapper itself, or it's Jetty integration, will need to be referred to
  the appropriate people (Tanuki or Mortbay respectively).
  It is possible to compile support for running Jetty as a Win32 Service,
  using the service support provided with Jetty. This requires a C compiler,
  and copy of make. You should unzip the '' file and read the

  NOTE: There is currently a known issue with Hibernate exceptions at startup.
  See the RUNNING ON *NIX section for more details.

  Configuration of the server (i.e. changing the port, virtual hosting, etc)
  is done through the various files in the 'etc' directory. See the Jetty
  configuration reference for details - .
  Janno (the Jamecs core) can be configured in a variety of ways. See the
  documentation on it's website for full details - . The Janno root can be found at
  $JAMECS_HOME/root - the main configuration files are in 
  $JAMECS_HOME/root/WEB-INF/ and $JAMECS_HOME/root/WEB-INF/config


  This section is under construction. 


  Wiki (, Mailing lists @ SourceForge, Email.


  The Jamecs Homepage  :  
  The Project Homepage :
  The Jamecs Wiki      :
  Jamecs Documentation : 
  Roscopeco Open Tech  : 
  Moxy                 :
  Jetty                :  
  Picocontainer        :
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  Groovy               :
  Velocity             :
  Jamecs was created, and the project is led, by Ross Bamford, a freelance 
  developer, consultant, and long-time master hacker from Derbyshire in the 
  United Kingdom. 

  Roscopeco Open Technologies are commited to the principals of Professional 
  Open Source, and believe in OSS not just as a way to gain kudos and keep
  hackers happy, but as a real, viable, attractive alternative to commercially
  licenced software. We believe that by maintaining a firm commitment to 
  "the full system, free, for everyone" and the open community development we 
  can continue to produce the highest quality software with the widest possible
  audience. Jamecs is, and will remain, Open Source, and we are keen to hear 
  from anyone interested in helping, whether it's with code, content, 
  documentation, or whatever!

  Please remember that this is free software, provided in the hope that it
  will be useful, but with no warranties. If you are having problems with
  Jamecs, please make sure you have read the documentation and looked at
  all other avenues before mailing asking for support. We will always try to 
  help, but are busy and may take a while to respond.
  Mailing lists:     [Help and support list]  [Developer discussion]       [General user discussion]
       [complaints department]