Welcome to Jamecs

Welcome to Jamecs, an advanced modular web application server for the Java platform based on a high level of control inversion and sophisticated dependency injection / runtime-tree based module framework.

Jamecs is a very young project, and as such documentation is largely under construction. Janno (the Jamecs core) is slightly more mature, and has a little more documentation together with API documentation and so forth. See the Documentation for Janno.

Jamecs is currently under very active development. The best place to find up to the minute information is on our wiki.

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Jamecs is released as Open Source under the OSI Approved Apache Software Licence as the rest of the project. The full licence terms are included here.

Project information

Jamecs CVS, file releases, hosting and development services are kindly provided by:


You can find our project homepage at http://sourceforge.net/projects/jamecs.

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More information about the Jamecs project can be found on the About page.